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6 of the Best Education Innovators for Teachers to Follow

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

As we scroll through our social media, we are inundated with messages, advice, and recommendations from "experts." We see posts where people show us how to everything, from cooking and parenting to dealing with daily teaching challenges. With so much coming at us, how do know who to look up to for solid, genuine ideas that will work for us in our classrooms? Here is a list of a few educators that I follow and I think you'll also find them to be inspiring, practical, and insightful.

Dr. Catlin Tucker: Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin | Website Author of a series of books including Balance With Blended Learning, Blended Learning In Action, and more.

  • Catlin offers lots of tips, suggestions, and resources for blending the best aspects of online and offline learning to actively engage students. Her blog and Twitter feed are especially rich with practical ideas for teachers today.

Allison Rodman: Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin | Website Author of Personalized Professional Learning: A Job-Embedded Pathway for Elevating Teacher Voice.

  • Allison designs, facilitates, and coaches professional learning that is personalized and purposeful. Follow her feed for inspiration, and if you ever get the chance to attend a workshop with Allison - do it!

Joe Welch: Twitter

Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator, PA Teacher of the Year, AMLE Educator of the Year, and more!

  • I met Joe when I worked for the Blended Schools Network and did a series of trainings at the North Hills School District. At that time, and since, Joe has been a trendsetter when it comes to providing quality learning experiences for students in online, blended or face-to-face models.

Thomas C. Murray: Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin | Website

Author of Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime (and multiple other books).

  • I had the pleasure of working with Tom and other school leaders during my time as a part of the Blended School Network team. He has always been focused on the future of education and doing what is best for each and every learner. Read the story at the start of his Personal & Authentic book and you'll know exactly what drives this educator.

Heather Lister: Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin | Website

Librarian, Passionate about Maker and STEM Education.

  • Heather is a great resource for ideas for learning that is truly hands-on. Her passion for maker and STEM education is inspirational and she passes along a lot of ideas you can use immediately.

Dr. Katie Martin: Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin | Website

Author of Learner-Centered Innovation & VP of Leadership and Learning at Altitude Learning

  • Katie helps us look at our practices through the lens of the learner. Her blog posts are thought-provoking and she really understands all the challenges teachers face.

  • Learn more about a few of Katie's upcoming live workshops with IU8.


Christine Davis is a Virtual Learning Specialist with Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8. In her role, she guides teachers in developing online courses, provides professional learning about virtual teaching practices and supports educators in all their blended and online learning efforts.

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