10 Tips and Tricks of Virtual Instruction

Updated: Feb 3

Virtual Learning Specialists, Anita Young and Olivia Grugan, from our World of Learning Institute lead a team of experienced online teachers. In the following post, they share 10 tips you can use right away (whether you are teaching virtually, in a hybrid model, or face-to-face).

At the World of Learning, we have been teaching online since before the pandemic. Our 20 language teachers have developed these “tricks of the trade” that we believe help ensure that all of our students are able to learn. Feel free to “steal” them from us!

1) Send a “Monday Morning Message” (MMM!) – This weekly message to your entire class outlines upcoming assignments, reminds them of class times or schedule changes, gets them excited about new content with an engaging video or article, and shares announcements or well wishes. Here’s a sample using Microsoft Sway, but just a simple email works too!

2) Host live sessions – If your school and schedule allow it, host live sessions in a video conferencing platform so that your students can see and hear you and their classmates in real-time. This is incredibly important for engagement, motivation, and the social process of learning! Watch this video for some short clips of what live sessions can look like.

3) Host those live sessions in the same place every time – This may seem a bit specific, but hosting your live sessions in the same Zoom room or at the same link every time ensures no one “gets lost on the way to class”. Ideally, these classes would be on the same days of the week at the same time too.