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We’re happy to announce our newest tutoring location:

The Johnstown Learning Center!

In order to better serve our students across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we searched for a location that would allow even more PA kids to access customizable and flexible cyber education through our partnership with Extended Campus Cyber.


The Johnstown Learning Center’s location became the obvious solution to serve Johnstown kids, support our partnerships, and allow us to continue to grow new opportunities for all learners.


View from atop Johnstown Inclined Plane platform by Darthgriz98 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Extended Campus Cyber (ECC) is a program offered by Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 in partnership with CPDLF. ECC allows children to take advantage of what CPDLF has to offer while still being part of their local school district. This means students can still participate in sports, special events, and other extracurricular activities with their home district peers. They simply get access to all the benefits of CPDLF, too.

You can expect

  • access to our Arts & Academics program

  • a focus on STEM courses

  • schedules that fit your needs

  • a focused learning environment, and

  • individual attention.


In addition to all of the above, Johnstown students now have a drop-in center for in-person tutoring, test-taking, and that serves as a quiet place to study. 

Why We Love Our New Location

  • We’re right across the street from Penn Highlands Central Park Center – which means students can access courses there, too!

  • We’re central to the downtown area.

  • We get to participate in festivals and special events. Did you see the art our students put on our windows at the most recent community event?

  • Johnstown is diverse! Our students and staff are exposed to different perspectives, which allows for a richer educational experience for everyone. 


For Prospective Johnstown Families

We are thrilled you’re considering joining our program. We are currently enrolling students. Enrollment in Extended Campus Cyber (and the Johnstown Learning Center) is pretty simple: Contact your school district cyber program coordinator listed below or contact us at

Conemaugh Valley School District: 

Samantha Brown

814 535 5523 x 203


Greater Johnstown School District:

Deanna Bair

814 533 5550 x 2134


Ferndale Area School District:

Dr. William Brotz

814 535 1507


Windber Area School District:

Glenn Gaye

814 467 4567 x 805


If you do not see your school district listed above, please contact us at

We are committed to meeting students at their current learning level and helping them set and exceed goals to become career or college-ready. All you have to do is contact us to start the conversation.

There’s no need to wait until a break in the semester or the start of a new school year. Since the learning process is led by your needs, we get started the moment you are ready.

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