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Extended Campus Summer School

Help your students get on track!

Registration for summer school is OPEN! 

Courses led by IU8's experienced online teachers 

$75 per student/course.   Register now!

Courses Available
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English / Language Arts

  • Reading (MS, one semester)

  • English / Language Arts I (9th)

  • English / Language Arts II (10th)

  • English / Language Arts III (11th)



  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra 1 

  • Algebra 2 

  • Consumer Math (HS, one semester)

  • Geometry


  • Science 7 

  • Science 8

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physical Science (HS)

Social Studies

  • Social Studies 7 (World History)

  • Social Studies 8 (American History)

  • U.S. History (High School)

  • World History (High School)

  • Civics

  • Psychology 

Electives (Each course is .5 credit)

  • Health

  • Phys. Ed: Fitness for Life

  • Digital Media Design & Production

2 Options:

Our Extended Campus courses are available in a flexible format for credit recovery, so that students can focus on the modules they need most. 

Courses led by your own district teachers

$30 per student/course  Contact Janel Vancas to get started ( 

* This option includes professional learning for teachers about how to teach their courses virtually



Courses are available between June 8th and July 31st. 

Registration is open until June 12th.

World of Learning Institute: Interested in language learning for your students this summer? View the 2020 options and register now!
ATOMS Virtually: For the 2020 season, IU8 will be offering ATOMS virtually. To register or view more details, view the ATOMS Recharged website.
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Soc. Studies
Course Details: Summer School 2020
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