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What's Your Plan? Routines, Responsibility and Self Organized Learning


Routines Are Still Important

We turned on a dime. All of our carefully planned schedules went out the window on March 13th, as COVID-19 forced school closures. Since then, we have completely transformed the way we work, learn, and interact... and so have our kids. In the last 9 weeks of remote learning, we have worked to establish routines for our learners, knowing that they need predictability in this time of uncertainty. Education Consultant and PBIS Independent Facilitator, Don Arotin shares his example of a daily schedule in his blog post, Is Your Home a Bit Chaotic During The Pandemic? A Tip to Bring Structure and Calm to the Environment. What is your routine?


Free Webinar: Moving from the School to the Virtual Classroom: Foundations of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in a Virtual Setting in the Home

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Responsibility Matters

Now that almost every aspect of our lives involves using devices and the Internet, we need to continue to equip our learners with the skills necessary to navigate the online world safely and responsibly. Now, more than ever, digital citizenship is relevant and important. As the school year winds down, you may have the opportunity to work in a conversation or mini-lesson about being responsible online. The Digital Citizenship Lessons on our Connects U! website can give you some ideas and resources for talking with students about responsibilities, safety, avoiding plagiarism, and selecting the right digital tools.

Self Organized Learning

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In addition to helping our learners be safe and responsible online, we can also start looking for ways to help them take control of their learning. SOLE stands for Self-Organized Learning Environment. StartSOLE sessions are characterized by discovery, sharing, spontaneity, and limited teacher intervention. Every SOLE session activates the learners’ creativity, requires critical thinking, and refines communication skills. This webinar will share a resource that you can access while teaching remotely or in the classroom when that is an option again. During this webinar, you will be put into a breakout room in order to complete a SOLE as if you were the student. Come ready to be an active participant!


Free Webinar: The Heart and SOLE of Your Classroom: Self Organized Learning Environment


Looking for resources to use for remote learning or need to learn about the tools to use with remote learning? Check out

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