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Hang in There...You Got This!

While virtual learning is not a new concept and there are many educators and students who are and have been learning in the cyber world, the entire climate of education has been shifted. If you are struggling or uncomfortable with everything that is going on, it's okay. Your feelings are normal and understandable. Keep trying and hang in there. You got this!

We invite you to attend one of our Extended Campus webinars this week for some new ideas and resources that can help you keep the learning going.

Webinar: Engagement Tools in Zoom Sessions

Anita Young and Oliva Grugan | Virtual Learning Specialists

Tuesday, May 12th at Noon | JOIN WEBINAR

Ready to take your Zoom skills to the next level? Did you know that there are ways to collect formative assessment, facilitate small group work, partner with a classroom aide, engage students with material on your screen, or record announcements? Join us to learn more about screen sharing, annotating, the whiteboard, breakout rooms, virtual backgrounds, remote control, and nonverbal feedback.


Webinar: Free Virtual Phonological, Phonics and Spelling Resources

Jennifer Herncane | Curriculum Specialist/PIIC Mentor

Thursday, May 14th at Noon | JOIN WEBINAR

This webinar will explore why Phonological and Phonics instruction is crucial to becoming a successful reader. We will also explore free online resources.


Looking for resources to use for remote learning or need to learn about the tools to use with remote learning? Check out

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