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Canvas Tip: Make Your Gradebook Work for You

Do you find yourself making many clicks just to check or enter grades in Canvas? Do you do a lot of scrolling just to see your students' overall grade? The way the gradebook is organized by default in Canvas is not always best for you. Great news though, you can customize your grades area so that it displays information just the way you need it!

Here are 3 things you can do to organize your Canvas gradebook and make it work for you!


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#1 Arrange the Columns Logically

It may seem like a mystery as to how Canvas decided to arrange the columns in your gradebook, but it's no mystery. Initially, your columns are arranged according to the order of them in the "Assignments" area of your course. But you can change that. Just click the VIEW button at the top of your gradebook, and choose ARRANGE BY, and choose your layout. I usually choose "Modules - First to Last" so that the columns appear in the order that students work through my modules. Learn more about arranging columns.

#2 Move the "Total" Column to the Front of Your Gradebook

Why keep scrolling all the way to the end of your columns to see your students' overall grade each day? Save yourself some time and move the Total column to the front of your gradebook so it is always easy to see. To do this, just click the three little dots at the top of the Total column and choose MOVE TO FRONT. Learn more about customizing your Total Column.

#3 Filter Your View by Student Sections or Groups

If you have organized students into sections or groups within your Canvas class, you can streamline your view of these groups in your grades area. Just click the VIEW button at the top of your gradebook, then choose FILTERS, and SECTIONS or STUDENT GROUPS. This will give you another menu button you can use to toggle you view from section to section or from group to group. Learn more about grade filters.

Explore your grades area and see all the options you have there. Make your Canvas Gradebook work for you!

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