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Professional Learning Opportunities

Looking to learn more?  Explore our upcoming professional learning opportunities! 
Contact us for more info if you have questions!

Blog Post: Tips for Helping Families Navigate Live Sessions

These are intriguing times. We are being asked to learn, teach, and provide parental support in a totally new way! Here are some tips to pass along to families trying to navigate virtual live sessions.

Designing Quality Virtual Learning in Canvas

Learn how to organize your Canvas course into a practical structure and plan a lesson you can use in a virtual or hybrid class. [2 live Zoom sessions + 6 self-paced modules]

Blog Post: My Students Won't Engage, Now What?

Right now, teachers everywhere are wondering how to get their students to engage with them virtually. It’s not about a single activity or magic tool that will instantly engage learners. It is about building a culture that fosters engagement.

Google Hangouts/Meet: Google's Answer to Video Calls

Social & Emotional Learning

Discover the role of empathy, kindness, gratitude, connectedness, and self-regulation in learning. [1 hour]

Coming Soon!

Overview of IU8 Virtual Learning Resources

Free Tools for Virtual Learning

Get Ready to Go Virtual

Are you just starting your journey into teaching virtually? Or have you already started, but want some new ideas? Join this micro-course to discover some ideas for preparing your own virtual classroom. Explore strategies for deciding what to include in your class, ways to organize the material, and strategies for getting yourself ready for the challenge. >> Includes your own, editable copy of a step-by-step planning sheet!<<

Zoom in to Connect with Learners

Remote Teaching with Google Classroom: What We’ve Learned

Blog Post: That Might Be In the App!

Google Classroom is a very popular solution to interacting remotely with students, in a variety of formats. In the IU 8 area, nearly all of our districts are operating virtually this week. Several are relying on Google Classroom...

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