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5 Minutes to Great (FREE) Resources

Let's talk about resources!

If you are like many of us, start your search for resources with Google, then most likely Teachers Pay Teachers or Pinterest will be at the top of your search. While Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is a very popular site, it does leave something to be desired; unfortunately, the resources are not vetted, don’t follow copyright rules, and could be plagiarized, yikes!

So instead, let’s start our search on a site devoted to education!

Just like Google, education sites help you narrow down the search. They make it easy to create a copy of a resource for your own, then you can edit, and adapt it, to fit the needs of your students.

These two sites are full of standards-based, vetted, and FREE resources and lessons. Creating an account is not required to view or use resources, but it is recommended as it makes it easier to save items.

Let’s start with OER Commons - PAIU Hub

Now, I might be biased, but I would check out the Appalachia IU 8 Group to find great lessons. If you are a little nervous or think you might be overwhelmed, here is a quick tutorial to help navigate OER Commons. Visit the Open Education Week Group, to help you get started. I promise, it will be as easy as Google and produce better results!

This site has 620+ lessons and counting! It is easy to navigate and the resources are easy to adapt! They also have a HyperDocs Facebook page for additional support!

We want to make sure we are providing our students with engaging, quality, lessons. If you are looking for additional free, openly licensed lessons and content let me know!


Tracy Rains is a Virtual Learning Specialist for Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8, Google Certified Educator, and CK-12 Certified Educator. In her role at IU8, Tracy provides teacher professional development and supports school districts with students in virtual programs. She also helps to lead the state initiative in utilizing Open Education Resources.

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